Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of Sport Management, University of Guilan

2 Professor of Sport Management, University of Guilan

3 Professor of Sport Management, University of kurdistan


The aim of this research was designing the evaluation framework of Knowledge-based economy in Iranian sports and analysis of the development gap based on it. The research method was descriptive-analytical with an adaptive approach and applied purpose. The statistical population was selected to include two sections of experts (professors, managers, etc.) and information resources (documents, articles, etc.) related to the research topic. The statistical sample was selected by a sufficient number (theoretical saturation and agreement of experts) and purposefully (32 people and 92 documents). Research tools included systematic library study, structured interviews and Delphi technique. The validity of the research was evaluated and confirmed based on the scientific and legal validity of the sample, the validity of the content of the tools and the agreement between the coders. From the methods were used to analyze the data of conceptual framework, Comparative and descriptive statistics. Based on the results, 76 selected indicators were framed in 14 perspectives: Innovation system, knowledge-based structures, knowledge management, financing, infrastructure, education and events, institutional regime, knowledge performance, business environment, international activities, human capital, digital society, information network and challenge management (In order of share score). Comparing the current situation of the landscapes with their default weight showed that there is a high gap in the development of knowledge-based sports economy (innovation system, the most and digital society, the least(. Based on the findings, it can be said that the framework presented in this study has appropriate comprehensiveness and flexibility.


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