Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student, Department of Sport Management and Motor Behavior, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Kharazmi University

3 Associated Professor at Kharazmi University


This research is applied from the perspective of purpose and descriptive-survey research from the perspective of data collection method. The statistical population included customers of sports complexes in Tehran. The samples were determined based on Cochran's formula of 384 people using cluster random sampling method. For data collection, the Internet Advertising Assessment Questionnaire, Chang and Wang (2019), respectively. Chang and Wang Electronic Word of Mouth Advertising Questionnaire (2019). Questionnaire of disapproval of the expectation of the judge and colleagues (2017). Behavioral Tendency Questionnaire from Hyun, Kim and Lee Questionnaire (2011). used. SPSS and Smart pls software were used to analyze the data. Based on the results of electronic advertising and word of mouth, it has an effect on the behavioral tendencies of customers (0.712) and (203), respectively, which is significant according to the rate of T (9.550) and (2.483). And disapproval of expectation as a mediator affects the relationship between electronic advertising and behavioral tendencies of customers, so disapproval of expectation as a mediator affects the relationship between word of mouth and customer behavioral tendencies. Therefore, with the increase of advertising, customers' behavioral inclinations will also increase and the tendency to prefer and use products and services will also increase. Therefore, it is suggested that in presenting advertisements, points such as increasing the quality of services at the time of submitting the request and need, awarding prizes, facilities and price discounts, and using new and non-repetitive techniques to advertise services should be considered.