Document Type : Research Paper


New Business Department, Faculty of Entrepreneurship - University of Tehran


Considering entrepreneurship as a state of mind, we have to admit that nowadays, apart from business and economy, any person can think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. So not only the “entrepreneurship enhancing” policies should not be confined to higher education levels, but also they have to be included in elementary and high school programs. In this study, the level of entrepreneurial attitude and the effect of some demographic variables on it were investigated among a group of 406 people of high school’s athletes’ students in Tehran. The mail tool used in this study was the translated Athyde’s (ATE) questionnaire (attitude towards entrepreneurial business initialization) which was tested for reliability by a pilot study and computation of Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α =0.6) for the main study and all its components. The results showed that the level of entrepreneurial attitude vas above average among students, in all of the investigated aspects and components. They also showed that variables such as gender, having a self-employed father, employment status of mother, and the type of school (regular/technical) have no significant impact on the level of entrepreneurial attitude in students.