Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of this study is investigation of relationship between the psychological empowerment factors (meaningfulness, competency, self- determining, Impact and trust) and entrepreneurship in teacher of Physical Education in university. 64 from physical Education teachers was selected among participants in scientific development volleyball. The study approach in this investigation was descriptive correlation. Spritzer questionnaire a (18 question) and to gather information about empowerment, samadaghaee questionnaire were use (α Cronbakh, 0/85). Statistical test of Pierson were used. The results show that four elements are not directly dealing with psychological empowerment factors and entrepreneurship(r=0/14, r= -0/12, r= 0/14, r= 0/16) but there in meaningful relation between trust and entrepreneurship organization (r= 0/71). So maybe the concept of barriers to entrepreneurship in universities unknown and lack of development in the enterprise university.