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Healthy and supportive climate enhances the trust and spirit of individuals in the organization and leads to more efficiency, which is an important factor in creating organizational effectiveness. Therefore, the aim of the present research is to study the relationship between organizational health and organizational commitment and perceived organizational support. To do this survey, 104 employees were randomly selected from the total population of administration of sport and youth in KhorasanRazavi province .To collect the data, the study used three standardized questionnaires: Mile’s organizational health questionnaire (1969), Allen and Meyer’s organizational commitment questionnaire (1993) and Eisenberger’s perceived organizational support questionnaire (1986). The data were analyzed via SPSS16. The results show that: there is a positive significant correlation between organizational health and organizational commitment. Organizational commitment’s components (affective commitment, continuous commitment and normative commitment) also have a positive significant relationship with organizational health. There is also a positive significant relationship between organizational health and perceived organizational support. Perceived organizational support and emotional commitment are the best predictors for the organizational health