Document Type : Research Paper



Approaching to enter the university is essential to consider as a place for knowledge learning for community, youth and families development. It seems in this regard, considering the motivation of volunteers for entering the university is especially important. The aim of the present study was to analyze the motivating factors of volunteers to enter the field of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at university. Statistical population was all volunteers entering the field of P.E at university in 2011 from the three provinces of Khuzestan, Ilam and Lorestan of Iran (N= 1310 subjects). Sample size included 302 subjects using Table Krjsy and Morgan using random sampling. Data gathering tool was a questionnaire included 24 questions. The reliability of the questionnaire was obtained 0.81 through Cronbach's test. Data analysis performed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Results showed that the individual factors, social and occupational factors are the most important motivating factors for volunteers to enter the field of physical education and sports science in university. There were significant differences between the perception of male and female volunteers in individual factors but no significant difference were found between the social and occupational factors between male and females perception. According to the research findings, it can be concluded that considering motivation of volunteers for entering the University is essential. Because it can be increase the effectiveness and efficiency of students in the future through regarding these factors.