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The title of this research is "Studying the challenges in Iran athletics competition sport management." The research methods are descriptive and analytic and it was conducted as a field research. The population of the research includes: The staff managers of Ministry of Youth & Sport s and different sport federations' managers (president, vice-president, secretary general) who are about 180 people. Based on Morgan Table 84 people were selected as the sample by using random sampling method. The data collection tools are interview and questionnaire, so 20 managers and experts in athletics competition sport field were selected by snowball sampling technique and they were interviewed as in exploratory researches .Then analyzing their ideas and views and using the theoretical foundations and previous researches ,the principal axis and components were extracted. The research findings showed the following items as the most challenges in Iran athletics competition sport management: The lack of a strategic plan, Vague and unclear policies and orientations, Unsuitable human resources, Rapid change and transition among managers, Not paying enough attention to control and evaluation, Depending just on governmental financial resources and not taking advantage of the private sector investment supports, Improper allocation of funds in various sectors, Uncoordinated and parallel rules, Inappropriate structure and chart of Sport Organization and The System of Finding talents and Athletics Sport Process , The lack of a tactical, medium-term program and action plan.


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