Document Type : Research Paper



Recent changes in business, also needs of human resources experts show that employees are always valuable properties for organizations. So the purpose of present study was to examine the relationship and role of management factors in retention of employees in ministry of sport and youth. Methodological surveying is correlation and has taken place in field. Population composed of all experts of the Ministry of sport and youth (N=300) that 169 persons were determined based on Morgan table. In this survey the researcher-made questionnaire of management factors (α=0/85) ­and retention employees questionnaire (α=0/95) ­have been used. Normality of data distribution and significance of hypotheses were measured by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Pearson Correlation, multivariate regression, Fridman Test and ANOVA. Results showed that management a factor was related significantly and positively to retention employees, retention employees explained a high variance in management factors. Especially, support staff by the manager had the strongest statistically significant effect on retention employees. According to the results, manager’s attention to staff, especially support staff will help the organization in achieving its goals. Also Employees participate in decision-making to make them become empowered and cause to their loyalty to the organizations.