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The aim of this paper, the study of disciplines factors was in physical education classes in secondary schools. Population researches were physical education teachers in 90-1389 years.  Total 348 (203males and 145 females) randomly selected and participated in this study. Questionnaires measuring instrument reliability through Cranach’s alpha was 0.91 respectively. Results  showed  that  female physical education  teachers  who have  BA  degree Parental role, However, male teachers with a  BA degree and Non-physical education  majors The role  of  the school environment Help  students  understand  the  behavioral abnormalities. The results showed The  domination  of  physical education teacher in the classroom, Teachers' lack of familiarity to sports skills training, Negative  parental  attitudes to physical education  classes, Frequent  parental  disagreements and conflicts, and agree number of  students in the classroom, and Inappropriate  use  during exercise, Behavioral  abnormalities  have an important role in the development of students in class.