Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of sport management, Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Mazandaran ,Iran

2 university of mazandaran

3 Associate Professor/ Faculty of Physical Education, University of Mazandaran. Babolsar Iran


Women's sports have become more popular in recent years and one of the most popular sports in the world is football.Therefore, this research was conducted with the aim of designing a value co-creation model in the Iranian women'sfootball ecosystem.Interms of its nature,thisresearch was one of the exploratory-fundamental researches,which was carried out in terms of practical purpose and using the qualitative approach and the strategy of Strauss and Corbin. The statistical population included all experts (in the field of championship sports and professional football)of the country.The selection of thenumber of samples was done in a purposeful(judgmental)way andbased on people with appropriate education,expertise and experience related to the research field.The sample size in this research was equal to 18 people based on the theoretical saturation index.The data collection toolwas a semi-structured interview andit was analyzed based on three stages of open,central and selective coding in the form of Maxqda software.In order to measure validity,the criteriaof long-terminvolvement,stable observation,re-inspection of the path of information acquisition,checking, triangulation,and continuous comparison were used.To calculate the reliability,the within-subject agreement method was used,and the reliability between the coders for the interviews conducted in this research was equal to 90%.Based on the findings,causal conditions include alignment with organizational goals,value-creating capacities; Background conditions including organizational and communicationplatform;Interveningconditionsinclude stabilityindecision-making andcognitive resistance;The central phenomenon including the synergistic value of women's football ecosystem;Strategies includeprogramtransparencyandnetworking,andoutcomesincludevalue integration,value chain sustainability,andmarketing sustainability.Therefore,it is suggested to pay attention to the needs and demands of sports customers.If customers satisfy their needs,we can have committed and loyal customers that create value.


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