Document Type : Research Paper


1 university of guilan

2 Assistant Professor of Information and Knowledge, Department of Physical Information and Knowledge, University of Razi, Kermanshah, Iran

3 Associate Professor of Sport Management, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran


The purpose of this study was to analyze the economic valuation framework in sport; Therefore, internal and external research related to the research topic was reviewed and variables related to the research topic were extracted from various studies. The statistical population included researchers in sports economics, financial managers and marketing in sports, and researchers in non-sports economic valuation. Purposeful and judgmental sampling (theoretical) was used to select the sample. Documentary study (57 documents) and Delphi sessions (3 stages and 14 people) were used to analyze and complete the research model framework. The validity of the instrument was assessed as optimal using content validity methods and kappa coefficient (0.82). In general, the Delphi method led to the consensus of the participants and the presentation of a qualitative model of economic valuation in sports. The conceptual analytical framework of the research with a systematic approach consisted of 6 perspectives, 16 dimensions and 80 components in 4 main parts of input (including influential environmental factors, intervening behavior and structural drivers), process (including perspectives of value capabilities of the target phenomenon, value society and Valuation methods (output) (total economic values) and outcome (willingness to pay individually and collectively) were classified. According to can be a guide for researchers to determine the economic value of sports phenomena and on the other hand policymakers in charge of sports by understanding the factors affecting the value of sports phenomena and calculating it for Alternative decisions and policies on sports phenomena can be used


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