Document Type : Research Paper


1 Sports Management Department, Faculty of Sports , Al-Zahra University (S), Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Sports Management, Faculty of Sports and , Al-Zahra University (S), Tehran, Iran


Knowledge management can help the better performance of projects such as sports events, so that it prevents the reinvention of systems, ideas and the repetition of errors; therefore, the current research was conducted with the aim of designing a paradigmatic model of knowledge management in international sports events in the country. The research method of the research in terms of the type and analysis of data was of a qualitative type with a foundational data theorizing approach, which was carried out using the systematic approach of Strauss and Corbin. The statistical population of the research was made up of sports managers and faculty members who are knowledgeable about the research field, and in order to select the sample people, the purposeful sampling method was used. 14 in-depth interviews were conducted in a semi-structured manner and the data obtained from the interviews were analyzed in three stages of open, axial and selective coding. Based on the obtained results, the causal conditions include: managerial factors and human resources; contextual conditions include: technology and legal framework; Intervening conditions including culture and project characteristics; Strategies include: planning, human resource management and monitoring and evaluation; and the consequences include: improving the quality of events, improving human resources, and improving the country's international image. At the end, the model of knowledge management in sports events in the country was presented. The results of the current research provide a comprehensive model based on the opinion of experts to improve the level of knowledge management in sports events.


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