Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of this research is design a model for influence of water sport center's service quality on loyalty, customer satisfaction, perceived value and consumer behavior. The kind of research was survey and descriptive. Statistical population was water sport centers in IRAN those choice five biggest centers. Sampling method was classification random. The important measures for data gathering were questionnaire, interview, observation and library study. For data analyzing used of Structure Equation Modeling method with use of AMOS soft. Result showed that%56/7 of customers was male and%43/3 female. Family income in half of customers was until 10 million Rials and%50 had upper this. Value of NFI in model was 0/91, RFI 0/92, CFI 0/91, RMSEA 0/045 that all of them were in acceptable range and model was confirmed. Result showed service quality has significant influence on customer satisfaction, loyalty, perceived value and consumer behavior. The water sports center managers to influence positive behavior in  customer should pay more attention to factors such as the attractiveness and suitability of equipment and physical environment, Proper timing of the center, the center's capacity to respond appropriately to customers and adhere to their commitments and to develop advertising and promotional activities.