Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master student of Razi University of Kermanshah

2 Dept. of strategic management, Faculty of sports sciences, Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN.


The present study seeks to compare the number of athletes in different sports in the era before and after corona virus and to predict the decrease in the number of athletes in the presence of corona virus for the coming years in the city of Kermanshah. The current research is applied in terms of purpose and explanatory in terms of nature and research approach. In terms of the data collection method, it is a survey, and in terms of the type of data, it is quantitative. The statistical population is all public and private clubs in Kermanshah, and 5 famous clubs were selected as samples. We extracted the number of people infected with corona virus and corona deaths in Kermanshah city according to each month since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak from the reliable sources of the Ministry of Health. Then we obtained the statistics of the number of athletes from the Sports and Youth Department of Kermanshah. By using artificial intelligence and MATLAB software, it became possible to predict the mentioned information for the future. The amount of error obtained in the histogram chart which is 0.003 and is less than the level value of 0.05, therefore the null hypothesis is rejected and between the input variablesand the output variable have a significant and inverse relationship. The value of the coefficient of determination in the regression scatter diagram, which is 0.93, shows that 93% of the variance of the dependent variable is predicted by the independent variables


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