Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master's student in Sports Management, Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty member of Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute

3 Assistant professor, member of the academic staff of Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education


The aim of the current research was to identify and rank the factors affecting the marketing of handball sports in schools. This research is in the category of mixed research from the point of view of its nature. The statistical population in the qualitative and quantitative section includes professors of sports marketing management, veterans and prominent handball coaches in the province, sports managers of Mashhad city and physical education teachers with experience in the field of handball, sports marketing specialists in Mashhad city and handball athletes in Mashhad city. Was. The sampling method was purposeful in the qualitative section and 11 interviews were conducted and in the quantitative section the sampling method was available and finally 214questionnaires were completed correctly. The findings of the research showed that a total of 38 main codes as effective factors on the marketing of handball sports in secondary schools showed that in the selective coding stage, it was found that the38 main codes identified were placed in 8 concepts, and in the theoretical coding stage, it was found that 8 concepts were identified.In the selective coding stage, it is categorized into three general categories (favorable, unfavorable and neutral).Further, the results of Friedman's ranking test showed that there is a significant difference between the factors affecting sports marketing of handball in secondary schools of Mashhad in terms of priority, and it includes technical and specialized factors, event factors, promotion and sponsorship factors, management factors, respectively.supporting and motivational factors, structural factors, cultural factors, and nature factors.


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