Document Type : Research Paper


Employment is the concept of “use of professional persons in specialists working and consistent them with specialized job that they needed for social organization". The purpose of this study is Comparison of direct and indirect employment in the areas of employment sports tourism industry. The method of this study is descriptive survey with the practical purpose. The statistical population include researchers and Administrative experts, with at least a bachelor's degree, who are at least 10 years of experience. The population size of approximately 1,000 researchers and 1,600 were considered experts. With using of Morghan ,s table 334samples were selected. The measurement tool in this research was questionnaire. In this questionnaire was questioned about direct and indirect employment(the three permanent, seasonal and part-time) in 14 areas of sports tourism industry. validity and reliability of the questionnaire was approval and Cronbach's alpha coefficient was calculated 0/92. For data analysis, were used of inferential statistics (Kolmogroph Smirnof, Friedman test, Kros kalwalis) at a significance level of 0/05. The results showed that there was a statistically significant difference between the three components of direct (Chi square= 22/779, P= 0/001) and indirect (Chi square= 70/55, P= 0/001) employment in the field of sports tourism. In terms of researchers, direct and permanent employment, and experts directly and seasonal employment, had the largest share. Thus According to the sports tourism industry, Iran can survive the economic monoculture, and to solve the big problem of unemployment in the country.