Document Type : Research Paper



Many factors can affect on the successful or failure of every organization. So they should be recognize and control by organizations. In this regard, the purpose of this study was factor analysis of affecting on the Tehran province Taekwondo board. Statistical population included all level managers in Tehran province taekwondo board, Tehran province cities, and different geographical parts of Tehran taekwondo boards, coaches, referees, national and international champions from 60 -90 decades (N=500) . Based on Morgan table 217 persons, respectively was chosen cluster-randomly for research sample. To achieve the study objectives, researcher-made questionnaire was used whit 28 questions. Validity of questionnaire was confirmed by 15 experts. Its reliability also was accepted in a preliminary study including 30 examinees and calculated by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient equal to 0.892. In order to analyze the data, by descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov, exploratory factor analysis together with Varimax rotation and Friedman tests were used SPSS software. The finding indicated that 7 factors effect on the Tehran province Taekwondo board performance, including human resources, technical knowledge, management and financial resource, organization, events organization, Taekwondo social acceptability, that express 52.784% of total population variance.