Document Type : Research Paper



The main objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between personality dimensions and organizational commitment of male physical education teachers of Shahryar city. Hypotheses with regard to the five dimensions of personality (emotional stability, extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience and conscientiousness) and three dimensions of organizational commitment (affective, continuous and normative) were studied. The study population consisted of 110 male teachers of physical education in schools of shahriyar city over the 91-92 academic year, all of which were selected as sample and 103 of the questionnaires were analyzed . In this study, descriptive and correlational ways were used. for Data collection, standard questionnaire of Goldberg's character with a reliability coefficient of 0/84 and organizational commitment questionnaire of Allen and Meyer with a reliability coefficient 0/83 were used. SPSS software using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used for analyze the data of this study. The findings revealed that there is not significant positive relationship between the five dimensions of personality with organizational commitment of teachers. However, given the significant correlation between some personality dimensions with organizational commitment, organizational commitment can be predict according to the dimensions of personality. Simultaneous regression analysis also showed that, among five dimensions of personality, compatibility and openness to experience have the highest predictive ability of organizational commitment and conscientiousness has The highest predictive ability of normative commitment .