Document Type : Research Paper


1 دانشجو

2 Assistant professor in sport management, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

3 Tarbiat Modares

4 Shahid bahonar university of Kerman,kerman,iran.


The purpose of this study was to provide solutions to prevent the underground economy in Iranian professional football; which was done by qualitative research method and content analysis and with exploratory nature of development. In this study, purposive sampling method and snowball sampling technique were used for sampling for semi-structured interviews. Sampling continues until the research reaches theoretical saturation and adequacy (theoretical sampling). The data collection tool is a structured interview. In order to check the reliability of the information produced in this study of reliability techniques; Such as control and review of experts were used to validate categories and categorize them. And eight main themes; Development of culture, structure and formulation of laws to combat tax evasion, acceptance and management of betting in football, planning and development of cyberspace use, privatization and financial reform in the structure of professional clubs to join the stock market, development of supervision and regulation of rules for Anti-money laundering, adherence to the principles of football commercialization as an industry, managerial development and international alignment with new trends in football management, financial flow control and development of football contract monitoring were identified, according to research results for football growth and prosperity and avoidance of underground economy. It has reduced the quality of professional football in Iran. It is necessary for football managers to contribute to the health and development of football by using these strategies.