Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was to investigate the gap between expected quality and perceived quality of delivered services by customers of I.R.Iran football premier league based on SERVQUAL model ,The method of research was descriptive and mixed method (Qualitative and quantitative), the statistical population was the spectators technical staff, players and managers of active football clubs in premier league of Iran through 90-91 half-season, the sample for interview selected by purposeful sampling (36 persons) and for survey the sample was selected by classified sampling (470 persons), which 442 questionnaire returned truly. After conducting deep non- structured and focus group interviews and also review of related documents and publications, 85 items were found as the basic needs of customers. Then these needs were summarized to 42 items and classified in 5 dimensions as: Human resources, Stadiums, Informatics, Planning and Management and Extra services and as one questionnaire based on perceived and expected quality forwarded between samples. The result of presumption statistics (K-S, Sign Test and Freedman test) showed the significant and negative gap in all items and dimensions of customer needs, furthermore the ranking of expectations and perceptions of costumers have been determined. The result of this study was in line by other studies that have been conducted in football field