Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was prioritization of different aspects of athlete endorsement and its effects on costumers purchase intention. So Hossien Rezazadeh was selected as a sport celebrity. The instrument used in this study was questionnaire of endorsement aspects made by Bronstain (2005) and concurrency of athlete/product questionnaire (Kamis&Gupta, 1994). The reliability of it has been computed with Cronbachs Alpha coefficient method (0/92).According to pilot study and with considering to unrestrained Morgan table sample size estimated 217 people. Eventually data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential (Freidman, Pierson and Regression) statistics.
 Results showed that according to means, the most important factors of Rezazadeh endorsement were: star power (µ=4.21), loveable personality (µ=3.99), attractiveness resource (µ=3.99), professional honesty (µ=3.52) and personal type (µ=3.29).  Also results revealed that all of these aspects had direct relation with costumer's intention to purchase. Finally among different aspects of endorsement, only attractiveness resource and professional honesty could predict the customer purchase intention. According to the findings Rezazadeh is a great sport celebrity for endorsing products.