Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Methods and Educational Programs, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Farhangian University of Tehran

3 Ph.D. Student in Sport Management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran

4 M.Sc. of Sport Management, Al-Zahra University of Tehran


The purpose of the present study was pathology the process of policy-making in sport for all in Iran and presentation the model. Research method in terms of the purpose was practical and in view of the nature of the research data was mixed design. Executives and experts of sport for all were considered as statistical population. The sampling method for qualitative section research was convenient and with using targeted sampling techniques and based on the sampling criterion was conducted with16 people. The data were collected through interviews. Then data from interviews by Streubert and Carpenter’s method (2011) coded and analyzed. For quantitative section samples were selected randomly and data were collected by questionnaire. The items of this questionnaire were extracted from the systematic interviews with the managers and executives of sport for all. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated by Cronbach's alpha method (α = 0.83). Data analysis in this section was done with using SPSS software and Friedman test. In qualitative section the results showed that the organizational components, beliefs and cultures, economic conditions, analysis, interpretation and compilation of scientific, studies and research are the factors affecting in sport’s policy-making and existing damage in the process of policy-making in sport for all including factors such as poor monitoring, poorly structured, lack of planning and implementation, poor performance of the media, limited financial resources, poor performance of human resources, rules and limited partnerships, academic and research centers. Also, adaptation and localized studies organizational management, cultural and religious patterns, patterns based on scientific research, patterns that can be used for policy making in sport for all. According to the results in the quantitative section there was no significant difference between the mean scores of the damage in sport for all and amount role of information sources available. In general, the results showed that the sport's policy-making process associated with damages and challenges that they must to know and be modified based on scientific methods. The most important items are the structural changes and amendments the laws and used of accurate and scientific patterns for policy making.


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